LvL Up!

The realm of “LvL Up!” delves into the dualistic nature between confidence and self-doubt. This theme is seen throughout past narratives in our culture, making broader references to the angel and devil on opposing shoulders, or good versus evil. On a personal level, this binary struggle has affected me strongly, often hindering my ability to move forward because of uncertainty and fear. Although this topic stems from thoughts close to home, it’s echoed globally. These serious concepts tend to stay locked away within the mind, manifesting negativity while squashing positivity. By imagining these contentions, the dualism is brought to account.

You Have No Power Over Me / Acrylic + Dust on wood panel / 30" x 24"

This battle is visualized quite literally, bringing opposites into reality as whimsical cartoon characters. What was once internal is now in the physical realm, depicted as parallel mindscapes. On the side of confidence is the “LvL Up Worm.” These sly, curvaceous figures cheer you on and remind you to move forward. They slink their way into all situations, playfully prompting you to level up to the next stage. The contrast is the “Imp.” The Imp is a devilish, snarling creature which insidiously squeezes its way into your life to remind you of imminent failure and that the joke is on you. It swims around, and laughs at your being, making it nearly impossible to progress. The character in between, representing all of us, is “Enantio” (after the Jungian principle “Enantiodromia” - the theory of opposites). Enantio is vulnerable to these two forces, and constantly must fend the Imp to continue to LvL Up. Other beings exist in the realm on either side, including Jasper, a wise butterfly who oversees balance.

Liminal / Oil on canvas / 60” x 72”

This way of thinking is the human underpinning in everyone. By creating awareness of what’s within us inherently, we can more easily call on our LvL Up worm friends to release us from our Imp.

Enantio’s Plight / Acrylic, paper, glue, molding paste, spackle, ink on canvas / 30” x 48”

Jasper Flies Ahead (Senex) / Acrylic and oil on linen / 15” x 72”

Joke’s on You / Oil, charcoal, chalk on cotton rag / 9” x 20” (3)

ELEV8 / Acrylic on canvas + Digital Animation / 36” x 48” / 00:34

Gallery installation